The Power of Productivity!


In every business too much time is wasted by owners and senior management on non productive acivities. The result is lower productivity and a significant loss of profits. Here are 5 simple ways to get rid of non productive tasks and boost your productivity.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Your Own Beauty Boss.

Do you get the Monday morning blues? Tired of missing out on school runs & activities? Want to set your own hours and reach a whole new level of earning potential? Here are 7 amazing reasons as to why being your own beauty boss will change your life. 1. No More Alarm clocks, you set […]

What a week!


Well what a week!  For those of you that don’t know me my name is Steph and I am the owner of both The Beauty Boutique and The Black County Beauty Academy, plus I am a mum to a wonderful 7-year-old boy. This week came half term for many of us who juggle business and […]

Did Someome Say More Money!

Business owners want more leads, more customers, more sales. It sounds logical: attract more customers and more sales will follow, leading to increased profits. But is this the best way to maximize profits? Sometimes it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees.

Let’s Talk Clients!

If you’ve been in business a long time, you’ve likely heard it all! You know, the irate customer who is going to sue you over the smallest of things, because they chose the wrong colour or their expectations of the service were way higher that what could be achieved. And my personal favourite has to […]

Have you claimed your space?

Online Courses

Well with the whole world having to rely on the web during the pandemic it is now more than important to claim your space.

Something Exciting Happened!

Something exciting has happened! I just HAD to let you know.  As you know, as a subscriber, you get a front-row seat in my business, so you are the first to know about this. I have added a business directory to our website. This is exciting because it provides you as students of the academy […]

Getting the perfect eyebrows.

Your eyes are the important assets you have. Taking care of these is as much important as much you can. It is equally important to make your eyes and face beautiful in such a manner so that when some person makes eye contact with you, he / she must say, Wow! Here are few tips […]

Summer Ready! But are your Feet?

As the temperature rises, the layers start peeling off not only on the body but also on the feet.  No longer are the thermal socks, stockings or boots needed because it’s finally time to wear our summer sandals or walk bare footed on the grass. But are your feet summer sandal ready? Were you taking care […]