Salon owners, grow your revenue and save time on training.
Introducing a streamlined approach to growing your salon business.

Time to remove the stress and strain when it comes to training you and your staff, let us show you how to grow your customers and income.

We are a beauty academy with a team of highly seasoned beauty experts. With their combined industry experience of more than 50 years, our experts bring the customized training right to your doorstep. Having built successful businesses from scratch, we know exactly what your Salon needs to become your town’s beauty go to. And yes, your beauty therapists don’t need to leave the salon to become experts. We teach the spell right where they cast it.

Who are these people coming through the door?

Wonder no more. Those would be us. We offer a unique training experience. No one has ever offered what we are offering. We customize the training and bring it right where you are. Our experienced beauty experts train your employees right at your salon. Your employees don’t have to leave the salon. Your salon doesn’t have to be short-staffed anymore, there are no lost customers that usually accompanies staff-shortage during training and there is no hassle of travelling to the training centers miles away.

What’s that thing going out of the window?

It has disappeared now. That was stress in case you missed it. As they say, “with a great power comes a great responsibility.” But an often overlooked fact is that with a great responsibility comes great stress. We take the stress away from you by taking over your responsibility. Running a salon is a very demanding task in itself. Having to constantly worry about your employee trainings is just another to do list item that can eat into your work-life balance. You get a stress free and healthy work-life balance while we get to train your amazing beauty therapists.

Where has everyone gone?

You are driving on a road. You look at your rear view mirror and see some people walking. As you drive, they keep getting smaller and smaller and eventually disappear. Now imagine the time it would take for those people to disappear behind you. That’s what our beauty academy will do for your salon. You will see the competition disappear behind you as your BCBA trained beauty therapists push the salon towards your next big milestone. 

Need to reduce the time therapists are away from the salon? We got you covered, we will come to you.

As an indépendant training provider we can offer you competitive rates for both you and your staff.

We love to stay in touch and offer any extra support that we can. You will become part of our exclusive support group.

Want to stay ahead of the competition? Let us free up your research time and do the leg work for you. 

From products to marketing solutions, we will share our unique discounts with you. I mean we all love a bargain!

Sometimes it’s lonely as a salon owner, we have experienced it first hand. Having someone just to throw ideas around can make all the difference.

Wait, it is affordable?

Yes, you heard it right. Alongside the decades of industry experience and customized training delivered to your doorstep, you get a plethora of other benefits. One major concern that salon owners have (and I know first hand) is optimizing their budget. Our bespoke training experience comes at a cost that doesn’t upset your budget. Although we offer a premium service, our price is very competitive.  You can’t possibly get the same price for the value we can offer.

Did someone say “more”?

Well, your wish is our command. You also get access to an online support group. You will be able to interact with other people who are also part of the beauty industry. Not only that, but you also get some amazing supplier discounts on your beauty products. On top of that, you get premium access to new courses on a priority basis. There is still more. You also get free business/marketing discovery call.