Beauty salon owners want more leads, more customers, more sales. It sounds logical: attract more customers and more sales will follow, leading to increased profits. But is this the best way to maximise profits? Sometimes it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees. 

What about the customers your salon already has? 

It can cost up to seven times more to acquire a new customer than it can to sell more to an existing customer. Yes, generating leads is important, and attracting more new customers may lead to fast profits. But looking after your existing customers, providing quality service, and developing a long-term relationship will allow you to tap into an ongoing profit source. It can take up to 15 times for a customer to see your business before they take the plunge and purchase a service or product! So why not nurture your existing fans and raise your average client spend. 

Looking after your existing clients is not just about offering them money off or freebies, keep in mind we are looking to increase your average client spend..

Here are a few ideas for you to take away:

Add value – Upgrade a service into a VIP service. For example: adding a scented hand scrub and a glass of fizz to a gel polish as an upgrade, could take your £20 treatment to a £25-£30 treatment and your outlay is very little.

Hold a VIP event for your existing clients – A great way to make them feel special, they are getting a 1st look at a new treatment or product, most will make a purchase at an event as the urgency is there if they feel like it is just for the select few.

Send Birthday cards to your regular clients or as I like to call them fans, offering a discount off a treatment they have not had before. This way this pushed the client to try something else off your menu and you know you will then get them hooked.

Keep in contact – we all like to feel special. Look at creating a VIP group of your most treasured clients and make sure you share with them 1st any special offers, news, and updates. Once they are in the inner circle they will not want to leave.

You could also make bespoke offerings based on seasonal trends, events or anniversaries.

Package up a relaxing facial with an upgraded face mask and send them home with a heated sleep mask and hot beverage. I mean it is hibernation season currently and our skin needs some extra TLC! You also have a massive retail opportunity here to upsell products.

We would really like to know if you try or have implemented any systems to nurture your die-hard fans, and what works best for you in your businesses.

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