Your eyes are the important assets you have. Taking care of these is as much important as much you can. It is equally important to make your eyes and face beautiful in such a manner so that when some person makes eye contact with you, he / she must say, Wow!

Here are few tips to done your eyebrows and making them perfect.
1.Include an eyebrow brush to your makeup case. An eyebrow brush will keep your brows in shape. You also can use small amount of gel to cajole them. Another option for your clients is offering a brow lamination service.

2.Do not pluck your brows too much. Your brows takes about 8 weeks or more to grow back, unless they have been over plucked. Over plucking is a frequent problem that we see as therapists, a great way to add depth and volume to your brows is using henna instead of tint.

3.If you feel the need of using an eyebrow pencil, use it but apply a very light stroke, while filling your brows. You also can use eye shadow instead of pencil. A brow mapping course will set you in good stead to offer your clients tips on how to pencil in at home correctly.

4.Thinner eyebrows will make your eyebrows good-looking and appealing, use color in the center of brows only. If you have a little bigger brows, then colour thoroughly.

Rule of Thumb For Perfect Eyebrows.
Small Eyes
If you have small eyes, do not use a dark bold colour, this will make your eyes even smaller. Make sure your brows are well shaped.
Waxing Brows
Waxing lasts longer than plucking and is more than likely done by a professional. If you are looking to wax your brows at home then please try to do little bits at a time, people will always try and do there brows at home, but trust me when I say more people but their brows in the hands of a professional, its a must for any therapist to learn.
Tinting and Tattooing
Tinting of brows is very common among women, especially blonde. If you have never tinted your brows or trained to tint brows before then either choose our facial waxing & tinting course or start off with a lighter shade and build the colour up. It is easier to add on then take away.
If you are looking to get trained in semi-permanent eyebrows done then please check the credentials of the trainer performing the training and make sure that they have the correct licenses in place to deliver the training not only safely but effectively.

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