Academy Partnership Details.

Academy Licence Fee: normally £150 start up cost (one off fee)

This includes a sub educator fee of £74.99 payable to our accreditation company. This means you get your own page on our accreditation site, that links back to us.

3 Student boxes

Spotlight on website.

20% OFF online course code


Monthly Fee: £12.50

This fee is payable every month whether you have courses running or not.


Access to manuals, documents, lesson plans.

Model Facebook group

Tutor Facebook group

Done for you social posts

Suppliers and discount codes for kits.

Discount on training in any course you wish to learn in a view to teach.

Access to promotional letters, emails, marketing material and ideas.

New 1st Time Students – Compulsory.

Registration/Certificate Fee: £30

This covers your student box fee and certificate and needs to be paid up front.

Student boxes will be sent on your behalf.

Recurring Students.

Registration/Certificate Fee: £20

No Student box will be issued.

If a replacement is required by a student due to loss or damage, we can offer an online copy for £10 or reprint for extra £20.

Marketing Promotional boxes available to buy at a discounted rate.

These include:

Business promo leaflet, branded note pad, branded love hearts, scratch card, box & postage. £4 each

Student Promo leaflet, branded love hearts, scratch card, box & postage. £3 each

We have at the moment 30 courses fully accredited and cover courses from Beauty, Nails, Skincare, Advanced Skincare & CBD Treatments.



Nail Extensions

Dry Manicure & Gel Polish

Lash Lift

Brow Mapping

Brow Lamination

Facial Waxing & Brow/lash tinting

Henna Brows

3D Brows

Classic Lash extensions

Warm Waxing

Advanced Waxing

Basic Facial



Chemical Peels

Ultra Sound Cavitation Lipo

LED Light Therapy

Derma Roller

Body Wraps

No Needle Mesotherapy

Swedish Massage

Fat Freezing

Basic Make Up

Spray Tan

Contour Spray Tan

Manual Tanning

Anatomy & Physiology

Medi Pedi

Hopi Ear Candles

Indian Head Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Basic First Aid

CBD Spray Tan

CBD Facials

CBD Basics

CBD Massage

You will only be able to gain access and teach the courses you are qualified in, you need 6 months experience in the subjects you wish to teach.  If there is anything you want to teach and we currently have a manual, please let us know and we can update the list.

You are fully responsible for marketing and promoting your own courses and managing your own diary.

You will need to offer a 10% OFF scratch cards, that will be used in the student boxes and marketing boxes.

Our accreditation is held with IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) and ARAP (The Alliance of Registered Aesthetic Practitioners).

Required Documents:

All trainers must hold an AET teachers certification or equivalent and relevant trainer insurance, which needs to match the indemnity held by The Black Country Beauty Academy, of which copies are required by us to be kept on file.

We require a photograph of the room/salon where training will be provided, unless we have pre-arranged a visit.

Link to Tutor Application form on a button.


Partnership Terms and Conditions.

Tutor/Trainer Terms and Conditions.



Outline of a Written Statement of Terms and Conditions of services between

The Tutor & ‘The Black Country Beauty Academy’.


  1. You, will undergo a working partnership with The Black Country Beauty Academy to provide quality assured training within your own Salon premises


  1. You are a self-employed Academy Trainer. You will have no ownership of or be

employed by ‘The Black Country Beauty Academy.


  1. You agree to pay a monthly fee of £12.50, for access to the documents held in the tutor area of the website.


  1. You have agreed to pay a registration/certification fee of £30 per student certificate, if it is their 1st course and £20 registration/certificate fee for returning students.


  1. As you are self-employed in your own right and not an employee of ‘The Black Country Beauty Academy, you are not entitled to sick pay, holiday pay or any type of employee protection under ‘The Black Country Beauty Academy. You are required to arrange your own tax, national insurance and business insurance. A copy of your insurance and certification must be supplied to Stephanie Barnard to keep on file to insure you have proper qualifications for courses you are to teach. Your insurance must match the indemnity held by The Black Country Beauty Academy.


  1. The amount of notice of termination of this agreement if you are not working within

regulations or malpractice will be off immediate effect. The amount of notice you are

required to give is 4 weeks written notice.


  1. This contract is valid for a 6 month period after which time it will be reviewed between both parties.


  1. You are only permitted to train in courses that you are qualified and insured in, you must have at least 6 months practical experience from the date of your certification to teach the subjects.


  1. You will benefit from marketing and advertising which will be provided for your

services under Academy branding. As you are self-employed, you are responsible for managing your own marketing campaigns and administration. Filling your own schedule is your own responsibility.


  1. We take cleanliness, hygiene, presentability and professionalism seriously; given

the nature of the beauty industry it is important that this is followed.


  1. During the coronavirus pandemic, all Covid 19 guidelines must be followed to ensure the safety of yourself and your students.


  1. All manuals that have been provided for training are the sole rights of ‘The Black Country Beauty Academy’ and will not be copied without written permission.