Manicure Course

Whether this is your first beauty therapy course or you are already an experienced practitioner of other beauty therapies, we will endeavour that you learn all you can about Manicure and finish the course feeling confident that you will be able to provide this relaxing therapy on your clients, friends and family.

Manicure is a very popular treatment and has the ability to both relax and re-energize. The key to performing Manicure treatment effectively is to
ensure that your clients are as comfortable as possible and relaxed. Make sure to take time over the sequence and perform each with confidence. The positive energy will be passed on to your client.
The course aims to teach you the principles of a Manicure treatment and how to perform it practically and safely.
You will need to complete 2 case studies to qualify.
This course is Accredited by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)