Something exciting has happened!

I just HAD to let you know. 

As you know, as a subscriber, you get a front-row seat in my business, so you are the first to know about this.

I have added a business directory to our website.

This is exciting because it provides you as students of the academy an extra status as a therapist or salon for choosing us as your training provider.

I decided to offer this to all those that partake in a LIVE course with us, this is to help you and your business gain more exposure.  In a world where everything is progressing technologically it is important to gain maximum reach for your business.

The benefits of adding your self to the directory and linking to our website are:

This sounds amazing, right?! And yes, it is totally FREE!

So if you have done a LIVE course with us then hit leave a comment and we shall send you the link to get started.

Stay tuned, we are always looking for more ways to give you maximum value as a training provider.

More amazing things to come,

Chat Soon.

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